I completely recommend Larry Corona to represent you for a business/property sale. Due to health reasons I needed to sell my preschool business of 25+ years. I was quite reluctant, but knew it needed to be done. Mr. Corona met with me and immediately instilled confidence. He was with me for every instance as in meeting prospective buyers to the closing. He is very precise and organized and we quickly had our presentation package put together. We had a contract in less than a month and the sale was complete in less than two months. The buyers were quite compatible and I will be forever thankful to Mr. Corona for allowing my retirement to happen in such a pleasant way. Two thumbs up!

Anne Edwards

Larry Corona was one of the very first people I met when I relocated my family and architectural practice to League City in 2000. He was and still is a true ambassador for the Clear Lake area as he sought out any possible way to assist and support our integration into the area. Larry has an immense knowledge of the south eastern quadrant of Houston – past, present and future. His approach to dealing with people is based on pure honesty and is as straight forward as it gets. I have a lot of respect for Larry Corona and recommend him to those seeking professional brokerage services.

Stan Cromartie, AIA
President and Founding Principle – ’91

I have had the pleasure of working with Larry and Oak Realty since the early 1980’s and I continue to do so on a regular basis. I have always found him to be professional and courteous but just as important he has always been enjoyable to work with. In the number and type of deals that we have worked on together there have been some that have presented great challenges and been a test of character. We have done numerous commercial developments and buildings, both small and large residential subdivisions, as well as many individual building projects. We have done dozens of deals together ranging from small acreage tracts do you want involving hundreds of acres. In every case Larry’s representation has been a great help and he has never complained about a deal being too small or too large.

He has never failed to maintain and even temper and a positive attitude which can be very important when something is not going the way we might want it to. On the 900 acre Magnolia Creek Subdivision and Golf Course we had the challenge of dealing with the FDIC through another broker and sometimes found it very difficult to keep the deal on track. We worked extensively on the deal and had to make the trip to Dallas to meet with the FDIC representatives in order to ultimately close the deal. In addition to the FDIC he represented us in dealing with three other owners in order to secure the property needed to assemble enough land to create the subdivision. Once we had secured the property Larry’s and represented us with the builders and purchased the lots as they were developed.

Another interesting projects was Harborwalk Subdivision and Marina. The property was purchased at auction and what was one of the more convoluted formats that we have ever encountered. Larry was not deterred at all. Although it took more than six months to consummate the closing on the 800 plus acre tract Larry never lost focus on the goal and was instrumental in successfully achieving a closing.

Numerous other projects have involved smaller developments that entailed the initial purchase of a piece of property, completing the development work and then handling the sale of individual tracts. Some of these were medium size, ranging from less than a dozen up to 70 lots and more. The one constant is that Larry has always been helpful and supportive in whatever endeavor he was at hand.

In closing I can say that I would highly recommend Larry as a professional and responsible broker. He is a pleasure to work with and will always try to do his best. Not only is he very capable but he will try to make sure that it is an enjoyable experience. I count and Larry as a good friend and business associate that has contributed materially to whatever success I have been blessed to achieve.

Lynn B. Watkins
Watkins Real Estate Development, LLC