There are several types of real estate investments. The most common are as follows:

Multi-family residential properties: These are used for rental income and retirement residual income. These are from single homes to four units. You can get a residential loan on these. Usually owner managed.

Multi-family commercial properties: These are 5 units and up. They normally require a commercial loan with different qualifications than a residential loan. Commonly known as apartments. Depending on the size and location the owner may manage them or hire a professional manager.

Small to large strip centers: These can be from one tenant/owner to multiple owners/tenants. The owner may manage them or hire a professional manager.

Large shopping Centers: Usually multi-owners/tenants with a professional management company. A lot more complex than strip centers.

Individual buildings: Owner and/or tenant occupied with owner management.
Raw land: This can be small lots to large acreage to be bought and sold for profit or to be developed to the highest and best use.

There are different kinds of ownership from individual to corporate owned. Limited partnerships and LLC”s are popular.

Financing for each type of property is different in terms and who will finance them. The most common are Conventional, owner finance, private lenders. A Tax Deferred 1031 Exchange is used to defer paying capital gains taxes on the profit when you sell.

Oak Realty and I have used these methods and are teamed with qualified professionals to provide the services for each property. I offer my 40+ years of experience to represent you in either of these transactions.

Don’t hire a residential agent to represent you in a commercial transaction. If a real estate investment includes an existing business, I (Maximum Business Brokers) can represent you in buying the business also.

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