Most business owners don’t think about what it takes to sell a business. Many have owned their business for several years and forgot the requirements of a seller. Working with Maximum Business Brokers (MBB) and myself prior to needing to sell is important. I will take the time to discuss the process and the time required to accumulate the necessary information required by a buyer and lender.

The Most important aspect of selling a business is CONFIDENTIALITY. We are very serious in our efforts to respect and protect your Confidentiality. Prematurely disclosing your intentions of selling your business to employees, customers, suppliers, lenders and general public may result in devaluing the business and costing you equity.

Determining the value of your business is a process. Recasting of your Tax Returns and Profit & Loss statement, evaluating the market value of your furniture, fixtures and equipment on your balance sheet will give us a good market and sales price. An accurate valuation of your business will help sell your business faster and for more profit.

Finding the right buyer will produce the highest sales price due to compatibility and desirability. Our marketing to qualified buyers/prospects are through our database, close relationships with bankers, attorneys, accountants, websites and other networking groups.

We will review and discuss all contracts and explain the terms and conditions. I will make recommendations but the final decision will be yours. We use qualified attorneys, accountants, title companies and lenders with business transfer experience. There may be two separate contracts: Asset Purchase and Real Estate Contract. I am licensed to do both. I will be there through the entire transaction.

Call to have a confidential discuss of selling your business. Larry @ 713-410-0686