Oak Realty and Maximum Business Brokers have successfully represented buyers/tenants, sellers, and landlords in the transfer of commercial real estate and businesses in Harris, Galveston, Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties. I combine my experience as a Real Estate Broker and a Business Broker to give you a one stop shop. My services include Commercial Real Estate, Business Broker, Developer, Builder, 1031 Exchange, Consulting, and Management. I have experienced service providers as members of my team. With my team concept I can represent you from


I have 40+ years of experience in providing personal, confidential and professional services to my Commercial Real Estate clients. I personally own commercial land that I developed as well as rental property and land to be developed. I have built over 100 residential properties and developed small tracts of land for residential and commercial properties. For large developments I have represented the developer in the buy or selling of the property. I have represented individuals, businesses, cities, national government entities, small corporations, banks, savings & loans, and large corporations.

As Owner/Broker of Oak Realty and Maximum Business Brokers I am able to represent you in a combination of real estate and business brokerage. Both transactions are different but connected. Businesses are normally sold with a lease or purchase of real estate. I am a broker for both transactions so you will only be represented by me, personally.

In order to successfully represent my clients, I have professional companies that are part of my Team: Surveyors, Land Planners, Title Companies, Conventional, SBA and Private Lenders, Architects, Engineers, Developers, Builders, Attorneys, Accountants and Financial Advisors. Whatever service you need, I can provide it. I have put together a one stop shop for all your requirements.

I will Consult with you on your transaction. Sometimes you may be able to provide services and need my guidance and experience to complete the transaction. Commercial real estate and business (asset sales) are much more complex than residential transactions. Don’t trust either of these transactions to a residential agent. Confidentiality and Experience really matters.

For a Confidential discussion of your requirements, please contact Larry @ 713-410-0686